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Sunday, September 9

Buzz Off

The scene backstage at Derek Lam today was abuzz with electric activity, but it was the crop of freshly shorn haircuts that got our attention. Model Freja Beha Erichsen sported a stylish and unexpected short, layered bob. Too bad the model turned us down flat when asked for a quote on the dramatic transformation. Taking a page from the Kate Moss school of keeping mum, perhaps? The Danish model uniformly doesn’t do interviews. No matter, Anja Rubik, who lopped off her gorgeous blond locks late last season, was happy to share her experience. She managed to convince her agents to christen the cut after enlisting photographers to shoot her with her new do. She has no regrets-she’s recently cut it even shorter (inspired by Linda Evangelista) and her boyfriend still thinks she’s hot (though yes, she’d probably be hotter in his eyes with her long hair, she believes). What did she do with the old locks? She’s saving it in a ball for a surprise mailing to her parents, “just to shock ’em”.

Saturday, September 8

Troubled Water

We applaud Aveda for bringing their eco-agenda backstage at the collections this season-banning plastic water bottles and sourcing local, organic food at six shows that included Temperley. But the initiative wasn’t without fault. In lieu of plastic water bottles that are typically picked up, misplaced and tossed out in large numbers, the hair care brand supplied refillable metal containers to write your name on and keep. The bottles; however, were too big to tote around in even the largest “it” bag. Plus, a water shortage at Rodarte had Aveda staff scrambling for reserves. No doubt Aveda will soon iron out the kinks just as smoothly as they did the models’ hair.

Man Handle

It’s not uncommon to find model moms backstage, providing support to the young girls who are run ragged during the course of fashion week, but today we saw a new sort of chaperone at Temperley. While getting her makeup done, Chanel Iman held tightly the hand of a teenage boy (who kind of looked like a younger Pharrell). We can only presume that the young man was her boyfriend (if grazing the back of his neck with her fingers is any indication) lending a hand.