November Horoscope


Aries Fergie

Health and well-being are most important from the 1st–4th; resist temptation where it might hurt you. Passion for truth is admirable on the 12th; just don’t alienate the boss. Money spent on the 13th seems extravagant but makes perfect sense by the 21st; it’s an investment. Life gets intense on the 26th. By the 28th, it looks more like a serious party. Do what you can to make it fun for everyone.


Taurean Donatella Versace

Don’t act on the craving for more of everything from the 1st–4th. This bottomless pit transforms into a well that feeds your creativity and opens you to a great relationship by the 13th. If it’s love, create an atmosphere that will nurture it. (If a flight to Paris isn’t in the budget, rent a foreign flick and order in.) Research as required as of the 27th; it’s easier to sound smart if you have your facts straight.


Gemini Kanye West

Avoid the sloppy guy—he’s charming, but he’ll never cut it with your friends. Ponder the meaning of life and what it says about your habits from the 25th–27th. It’s good not to sweat the small stuff, but it’s great when your choices are life-affirming. If your domestic scene could use some polishing up, grab a friend and see what you can learn in the kitchen from the 28th–29th.


Cancerian Prince William

Coworkers are twitchy until the 5th. It’s not your job to put them in a good mood, but it gets easier to spread cheer from the 5th–11th. Spend the 13th with one who knows you better than you know yourself. If he/she is not around, get creative. If you love your man, let him know from the 28th–30th; if you don’t, be honest with yourself—and him.

LEO >  

Leo Betsey Johnson

Getting the love you want is a challenge until the 4th; your partner doesn’t want to share or you don’t want what he’s offering. Love triumphs, regardless, from the 5th–12th. Keep grand expectations to yourself from the 13th–17th; they have nothing to do with reality. You are granted a wish on the 21st because of your efforts. Accept it. You can balance a life of hard work, strong values and love.



Virgoan Amy Winehouse

For the first week of the month, unexpected revelations are a shock to your system, but you gain more than you lose. (You will see that by the 10th.) From the 12th–21st, do what you most enjoy. Virgoan pleasure is often mixed with mak-ing, fixing or healing. The power of love fills your life as of the 27th, and you are ready for it.



Libran Gwyneth Paltrow

Libran Gwyneth Paltrow

Libran Gwyneth Paltrow

Enhance your beauty through exercise, diet and working on emotional issues. Unrequited love is not a drag if it inspires beautiful expression. From the 4th–11th, unleash your inner artist, then share your creations with someone close on the 16th. A family member has something special for you on the 21st, which will help new life spring from the old on the 28th and for a long time to come.

Sagittarian Britney Spears

You will shoulder responsibility until the 4th, which you didn’t sign up for, and resentment does not become you. From the 5th–12th, though, you’ll realize it was worth it. Look within yourself on the 13th. Life gets more energetic as of the 16th. You’ll do well financially on the 21st if you stay within your limits. If you’ve been waiting to renovate or move, get going as of the 27th.


Capricorn Jude Law

Half-truths on the 3rd frustrate you; it’s hard to tell right from wrong. Clarity comes from the 13th–21st. Afterward, you may see that you learned something valuable. Nothing less than your best is required as of the 27th. For years to come, Capricorns are meant to use their skills to make this world a better place. The secret is to start where you are and come from the heart.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

All your hopes and dreams seem out of reach on the 3rd and 4th because the price you have to pay seems too high. Whether this is accurate is another matter. Send negative thoughts packing from the 13th–16th because possibilities come out of nowhere. A dream on the 21st is rich with information; share it with a friend. After the 27th, it will bring you closer to your confidant.


Piscean Queen Latifah

Bitter thoughts of unfulfilled relationships torment you on the 3rd, but there is no reason to take them to heart. Break the pattern of past relationships on the 4th and ever after. Receive help from wise people on the 13th. By the 21st, dependable friends are able to help you find the right relationship or find your way through a wrong one. You are blessed with true love from the 28th–30th.


Horoscope readings by Julie Simmons.
Illustration by Pablo/ Edited by Karen Kwan.

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