People Are Doing This to Their Nipples, Thanks to Kendall Jenner

Go pointy or go home

Kendall Jenner has inspired nipple injections

(Photo: Getty Images)

Things like padded bras and boob tape exist for a reason: to stop your nipples from showing through your shirt when/if you don’t want them to. But the latest injectables trend is going the opposite direction.

According to a video produced by the New York Post, people are heading to their derms to get fillers not in their lips or laugh lines, but in their nipples. Inspired by celebs like Kendall Jenner, who is often photographed sans bra, nips pointing through a semi-sheer top, the desire for more prominent nipples is on the rise. In the video, an anonymous woman says she wants to “be able to constantly feel like a woman with my proud, protruding nipples.”

To give her what he calls the “designer nipple” look, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe injects a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the area. It usually doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, the results last for about two years, and the cost starts at $700 US depending on what the patient wants in terms of size, shape and colour.

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll has operated on nipples for non-cosmetic reasons, like treating moles and cancers, or reactions to bras and creams. But she hasn’t injected any of her patients’ nipples with fillers and doesn’t plan to. She calls it too gimmicky, and says it could lead to “bruising, bleeding or infection, and there’s a remote risk of reaction in the form of painful bumps.” And although the woman in the Post’s video barely flinched, Dr. Carroll also says it would be an extremely painful procedure.

We’re all for body positivity and the freedom to live your life sans bra, nips out. But if you’re not down for a needle, Just Nips Fake Nipples makes little stick-on pasties that’ll give you a similar look.


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