The 8 New Makeup Brushes and Tools You Need in Your Kit

These tools of the trade promise to make your primping sesh easier, cleaner and just flat-out better

No matter which makeup artist you ask, they will always stress the importance of having the right tools at your disposal, whether that’s a do-it-all buffing brush or an innovative sponge that blends anything and everything. And while there are a few tried-and-true items you will always reach for, expanding your kit is always a good idea, especially when new brushes are hitting beauty shelves at a rapid fire pace.

But with so many on the market it can also be tricky to decipher the truly innovative from the completely unneccessary. So to give you a hand, we’ve weeded through all the latest makeup tools to bring you eight new must-tries that promise to make your primping sesh easier, cleaner or just flat-out better. Check our top picks of the latest makeup brushes and sponges below.


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