FLARE Five: Introducing the $200 Yoga Pant

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Fashion Remember when your gym “wardrobe” consisted of an old T-shirt and your high school running shorts? That era is well and truly dead as athletic wear labels keep upping the stakes (and prices) for working out in style. A sign that the trend has officially become a trend: Net-a-porter launches its chic active wear site, Net-a-sporter on July 9, with lines including Weargrace, whose grey safari pant—$192 CDN—is embellished with a Tibetan prayer flag.

Pop Culture Jane Austen’s beloved Lizzy Bennet may be timeless, but apparently she’s not ageless. Author Curtis Sittenfeld—who is re-imagining Pride and Prejudice for modern readers as part of the Austen Project—is making the heroine 38, instead of 20, to resonate more deeply with contemporary audiences. (In other words, the idea of the 20-year-old spinster has thankfully gone out the window.)

Fitness Speaking of working out, get the bootylicious backside to match your $200 (!) workout pants with personal trainer Lyzabeth Lopez, who demonstrates how to build a butt shelf here. Then take a belfie—yes, it’s a thing.

Sex Fantasies are great. But go out on a limb and put your kinky thoughts into action without fear or shame, suggests psychologist Jesse Bering, author of Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us. Bering shares his tips for “connecting your erotic dots” over at Women’s Health.

Work The four-day workweek may be the key to reducing stress, improving mental health and even combating unemployment, says leading British physician Dr. John Ashton, who is urging the British government to adopt the four-day workweek in the name of public health. The Huffington Post reports that other countries are considering making similar changes—Sweden has reduced the workday to six hours, for example—to improve the happiness of the population. Stephen Harper, are you listening?