All-natural Facial Mists to Keep You Dewy All. Winter. Long.

Don’t let the colder air wreak havoc on your complexion!

“There’s not as much moisture in the air,” Lane Edwards, founder of Edmonton-based Pura Botanicals, tells us over the phone when we ask her why our skin becomes so dry in the winter. “Skin reflects our environment. It’s very important to use more hydration, ideally with natural ingredients, to help moisturize our skin.”

One way to up your moisture factor is with a toning mist. When used after you cleanse, toners can help refresh skin and prep it to hold onto more hydration from your day or night cream. But we really love mists because they do two more things: they work to keep skin dewy, and when spritzed over makeup, they help set it.

And the hydration doesn’t have to stop after your morning routine. “I love it for midday,” says Edwards. “It’s 3 p.m., and your skin is looking tired—it’s a great way to keep skin looking radiant and awake.”

She also recommends looking for mists based on your skin type. Think ingredients like rose water, aloe water and coconut water for moisturizing, and green tea, lavender and witch hazel for clarifying.

Here are 17 natural face mists to help you get through winter with glowing skin.

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