Put Down the Claritin and Try These 10 Natural Allergy Remedies Instead

The only thing you’ll be reacting to is how well these natural products work

Patio season is here—and if you’re one of the 25 percent of Canadians who suffers from allergies, so begins peak sneeze season…Cheers! Cue the tingly nose, watery eyes and itchy throat symptoms that you know better than your childhood bedroom.

Medications with largely unpronounceable ingredients aren’t the only course of action when symptoms strike: Natural sprays and vitamins are picking up the task of clearing sinuses and preventing the release of sniffle-inducing histamines. These remedies provide the same antihistamine benefits found in prescriptions, but generally take a bit longer to kick in.

“I think most people tend to go towards natural allergy solutions because they feel uncomfortable taking a synthetic medication that often,” says Dr. Tanya Lee, a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. Simple and severe sufferers can try a combo of natural products and dietary changes to adjust how their immune system responds to allergies. For mild allergies, Lee suggests incorporating more anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods and histamine-reducing nutrients like quercetin and nettle leaves. If your symptoms are more extreme, your gut might actually be the source of the summertime sneezes. In that case, a probiotic-rich diet is in order. As Lee explains, “What is in your gut tends to influence which way your immune system shifts—if it’s towards hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction, you can shift it back to [responding to] things your body would naturally react to.”

If merely looking at a floral print makes you break out in hives, try these natural allergy solutions below. Even when the air is thick with pollen and the end-of-summer ragweed surges, they’re worth a shot.


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