Victoria's Secret Launches 20-Shade Nail Polish Collection

Photo Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

In just a few weeks, fan favourite Victoria’s Secret is launching a brand new line of polishes in twenty luscious hues that are perfect for spring. We especially love Role Play (white), String Bikini (candied pink) and Perfect (violet) for spring, but hear that the Angels are infatuated with Backstage (glittered pink) and Bombshell Pink, Victoria’s Secret’s signature colour. The line will be available in Canadian stores and online as of January 29, but for now, check out the line-up of sexy shades here:

The Pinks: 

Pink Victoria's Secret Polishes

Clockwise from top left: Flirt Away, Bitten, Addictive, String Bikini, Classified, Bombshell Pink, Peep Show

The Metallics:

Victoria's Secret Metallic Nail Polish

From left: Steal The Show, Boudoir, Cuffed, No Strings Attached

The Glitters:

From left: Backstage, Drama Queen, Break The Rules, Star Power

The Rest (including two of our faves!):

Victoria's Secret Nail Polishes

Clockwise from top left: Role Play, Perfect, Tantalize, Lustworthy, Do Not Disturb