Get the scoop on our latest product test

There’s nothing more irritating than finding a chip in your spanking new and otherwise perfect manicure. Who wants to shell out cash at the salon (or spend the time at home) to end up with chipped lacquer? Pas moi. So we went on the hunt for some long-lasting solutions.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat, $9: As per the directions, we applied this polish before our nail colour and as a final top coat. The package says it “extends the wear of any nail color for up to 10 days”––blame it on our busy hands but we barely made it two days without imperfections. The good news? Our nails have never been shinier.

O.P.I Chip Skip, $18: Admittedly we had high hopes for this product. The directions were so specific (including only applying the base coat once a week and not using it on overly dry nails)  we expected professional results. Even the application was intriguing––you apply only one base coat, with a very tiny brush, and the lacquer seems to disappear instantaneously. The results were mixed: we had chips on two nails after a couple of days (which was an improvement) but we’d still love to be able to go a week with an immaculate mani.