Tough As Nails: Marvel at the New H&H Metal Manicure

H&H is not your average nail brand but its designs could make your next manicure a memorable one. Not convinced? Beyonce and Madonna have already tried it.

Image Courtesy of H&H
Images Courtesy of H&H

Hide the chalkboards.

The new H&H 3D manicure has arrived and it might just be tougher than any nail we have seen before. (Rightfully so, the nails are cast in solid metal!) The duo behind East London-based label H&H, Hannah Warner and Holly Silius, have created a molten manicure strong enough to withstand even the wildest holiday party. The collection includes a 3-D baroque nail regal enough that Beyoncé donned H&H’s gold talons for some dates of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. Designs range from Rose Scrapers to Oxidized Silver Spiderwebs—and all tips in between—but our fave is the ornate door-knocker design, which would look best adorning a single pinkie.

Image Courtesy of H&H
Image Courtesy of H&H

Be prepared to fork over some hefty change to join fellow H&H fans Rihanna and Madonna—these nails don’t come cheap. Our advice: Consider them more ornate finger jewellery than cheap stick-ons and the investment might not seem so daunting. Just don’t lose one of these babies.

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Image Courtesy of H&H
Image of Beyonce Courtesy of H&H


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