Blair Eadie's Fall Nail Polish Collab Lets You Steal Her Style

The bi-coastal style blogger behind Atlantic//Pacific partnered with Formula X for a limited-edition collection that brings her passion for fashion to your fingertips

As a former San Franciscan and now New Yorker, Blair Eadie, the force behind preppy-pretty Atlantic//Pacific style blog, knows about the appeal of seasons, from fall’s shifting colour palette to all the sartorial options that come with changing temperatures.

It makes sense that Mother Nature herself served as major inspo when Eadie was cooking up nail polish shades for her #ColourCurators collab with Formula X. Her three-shade limited-edition collection is part of a bigger partnership that sees 10 influencers—like Aimee Song of Song of Style and Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere—distill their signature style into bottles of the brand’s beloved polish.

We chatted with Eadie before her collection hits Sephora September 1 to talk nails and nature.

blair eadie formula x

(Photo: Olivia Park)

Finding a colour that hadn’t been done to death was key.

“Formula X is a big brand and they already have 250 shades so I learned quickly that I’m not going to try and reinvent, say, a beautiful shade of red. They already do that. I wanted my colours to be unique but wearable and I really love mint but I’d kind of outgrown it. I call the sage-silver-green Atlantic Mist shade, mint’s older sister—she’s a bit more sophisticated. And I really haven’t seen a colour quite like that out there.”

September was the perfect month to launch her collection.

“I love transitional weather and it’s also Fashion Week and I’m a fashion blogger, so the timing made sense. When I was concepting a theme and putting together a mood board, I was inspired by the changing of the seasons, clouds, haze. I’m from San Francisco, and I remember the fog in the fall and I love the layering and the potential to reinvent your wardrobe during that time of year.”

blair eadie formula x

The Atlantic Pacific shade in action (Photo: Olivia Park)

Naming the shades—Taken by Storm, Atlantic Mist, Pacific Haze—was a group effort.

“I was definitely excited about naming the polishes—it seems like the coolest job in the world! For me, I was creating a theme and I knew I wanted to include ‘Atlantic Pacific’ in the name to tie it to my blog and my identity in some way. The Formula X team showed me that making small tweaks made all the difference. I think I had suggested ‘Thunder’ for a name and they said, ‘What about Taken by Storm?’ They know what’s already out there so I let the experts refine it.”

She’s been to take a nails-up approach to her #OOTD.

“I really like to be matchy-matchy, so I’ll do, say, head-to-toe pink, which will include nails too. But sometimes I’ll find an incredible polish and build an outfit out from there.”

blaie eadie formula x

A closer look at “Taken by Storm” (Photo: Olivia Park)

She’s a nail DIYer who got it from her mama.

“I think a lot of us remember our own mothers getting ready for a night out and nail polish was part of it. My mom can paint her nails so easily and she would quickly put on some red polish while she was doing a million other things. I really enjoy painting my own nails too. Often a quick coat of polish can make me feel instantly put-together.”

A nomadic life has made her a style sponge.

“I’ve lived in a number of different places, from growing up in DC and moving to Florida, which was this bizarre world of like Lilly Pulitzer and things I hadn’t really seen before, and then when I was on the West Coast, where there was a really cool, liveable sense of style. In New York, it’s very polished and edgy, so my style is a melting pot of all these things that I’ve loved and picked up along the way and made my own.”

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