Music Festival Essentials: 16 Items You Can't Forget to Pack

A foolproof guide on what to pack for a music festival, from practical to cute

If you’re going to music festival this year there are sooo many things you need to remember to pack. In addition to the obvious (tent, sleeping bag, food, clothing), you’ll need some basic necessities like a tarp and some type of battery-operated light source to get you through the weekend. Don’t forget other v. important must-haves like instant coffee and toilet paper (trust).

Even if you’re just going to a day festival like Osheaga, you’ll still want easy, fuss-free items on hand. And you should defs incorporate a backpack and closed toe sneakers into your #OOTD since you’ll be on your feet. All. Day. Long.

Most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Drink a ton of water, slather your bod in SPF (might we suggest a natural one?) and wear a big-ass hat to protect yourself from heat exhaustion. There’s nothing worse than not feeling 100 percent when all you want to do is rock out to your fave headliner.


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