Montreal Alert

Montreal Alert
August 2008

HOME STYLE We speak volumes through our fashion choices, carefully selecting clothes that represent who we are and how we want to be seen. But how well do we apply this MO when it comes to our abodes? No self-respecting stylista would put just any old thing on her back, so why wouldn’t you fill your sanctuary with pieces you love, especially if you can enlist the help of these fab new décor destinations? Janna Zittrer


Got a craving to spice up your home? Head to Pondichéry’s new treasure-packed by-appointment-only warehouse. Like its bazaar-style sister store, it carries everything from rich tapestry to rustic furniture from around the globe, but with even more affordable exotics to suit all your bargain-hunting needs. Pick up some silk curtains, embroidered pillows and possibly even a Persian-inspired bookcase—you’ll look like a world traveller, no plane ticket required. 6600 boul. St-Urbain.


Form meets function at Domison, where you’ll find simple yet sophisticated furnishings from the same sibling team behind the more upscale Periphere line. The contemporary collection (also called Domison) features rich fabrics, clean lines and sharp proportions—perfect for a no-nonsense approach to sprucing up your space in style. 4117 boul. St-Laurent.


If you’re très tired of standard beige and brown, consider Léo Victor your wake-up call. From towering flower-shaped Gloria lamps in red, pink and green to modern-style chairs in brilliant blue (shown), this Little Burgundy boutique offers eclectic designs in vibrant colours that will easily electrify any room. 2480 rue Notre-Dame O.


Barami’s 20,000-sq.-ft. showroom is chock-full of swoon-worthy styles ranging from antique-chic to ultra-modern. Versailles-ify your home with a regal rococo chair, or fall for the cream-coloured love seat with amber studs. You can even impress your design-savvy guests with pieces inspired by famous furniture designers including Le Corbusier and Charles and Ray Eames. 404 rue St-Jacques O.


Commitmentphobes will flip for Surface Jalouse’s easy-on/easy-off vinyl decals, made to transform just about any surface (walls, windows, furniture, even ceilings and floors) in a matter of minutes. The boutique-cum-showroom also triples as a design studio, where the two graphic designers and professional printer in charge craft custom furniture and wall art that’s sure to set your space apart. 2672 rue Notre-Dame O.