Pause: Can You Clean Your Beautyblender in the Microwave?

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Hello fellow humans, I’d like to inform you that we now live in a world wherein other humans are microwaving Beautyblenders. That’s correct, I am referring to those very overpriced (don’t @ me) sponges—and their more budget-friendly lookalikes—that everyone started stockpiling back when Kardashian-level kontouring was the beauty look du jour. While the deep contours might have calmed down considerably, the lust for those blending sponges has not and now it seems like your makeup bag is incomplete without one. But how, pray tell, is one to properly and thoroughly clean one’s sponge that cost approximately 26 Canadian dollars particularly when one (me) is extremely lazy? (True confession: I once bought one, used it until it looked like it was just a hunk of dried concealer, contemplated how to clean it, and then promptly threw it away and never bought another because the whole cleaning thing just felt overwhelming. #SmartFinancialChoices.)

If the beauty-obsessed folks blowing up my Twitter feed are to be believed, apparently you can microwave Beautyblenders in a little bit of soap and water and they come out good as new. Cool! But pump the brakes, y’all—don’t forget the water or you’ll ruin your very expensive blender (and possibly your actual microwave). Behold, the microwaved Beautyblender fail keeping us alive today (sorry @VTT_torii):

Don’t worry, friends, it’s not all Beautyblender microwaves disasters out there. Looks like if you follow these steps—place dirty blender in a cup with soap and water and microwave for 1 minute—the microwave method might actually do a decent job of cleaning your sponge. (Editor’s note: this method has not been tested by FLARE so microwave at your own risk, mmkay?)

But alas, let’s not forget a v. important fact—you’re *actually* supposed to clean that bad boy after every single freakin’ use! This girl knows:

There you have it. Clean your damn Beautyblender every time you use it with warm soapy water (or the Blendercleanser solution and cleansing mat, if that’s more your speed). And if you’re a lazy beauty gal (no judgement, it me) you can even try spritzing it with an antibacterial spray between uses. But hey, if you’re occasionally a dirty bird (also me), toss your filthy sponge in the microwave… if you dare.

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