Meet Our New Get Ready With Me YouTube Star Melissa Merk!

A hoodie-loving YouTube phenom takes a quick break from her screen to ride spring’s neo-nautical wave

melissa merk

YouTuber Melissa Merk sporting an oceanic tee and white bell-bottoms with stylist Jillian Vieira in our fashion closet (Photo: Nathan Cyprys)

Vancouver-based Melissa Merk filmed her first YouTube video at age 15. Now 22, the full-time creator has attracted more than 348,000 subscribers to her channel with her laissez-faire beauty ’tude on everything from back-to-school hairstyles to her lazy-girl fitness routine.

What’s got everybody clicking? Well, with her humongous eyes and perfect waves, Merk is wanna-be-her gorgeous but still laid-back. Aside from the occasional night-out look, this natural beauty sticks to a daily uniform of white sneaks, hoodie and skinny jeans. That’s why FLARE invited her into the fashion closet for a high-fashion dress-up sesh. Swept up in the neo-nautical trend featured on spring runways like Max Mara and Emilio Pucci, we decked out the sandy-blonde YouTuber in wide-legged trousers, boating stripes and jumbo mesh netting, but only one look really roped her in.

60-Second Speed Round!
Favourite beauty look:
  Neutral, gold-toned eyes. Nothing too dramatic, and I love bronzer!

Best beauty tip: When contouring with bronzer, don’t forget the top of the forehead. I didn’t before but now find it really warms up your face a lot more.

Beauty trend that you haven’t tried yet: I want to try purple—I don’t use a lot of colour on the eyes. I like that ‘90s inspired brown lip. I’m starting to get into that.

Beauty look you’re totally over: That really pale nude lip where it looks like concealer. It makes you look dead. And I’m starting to get over super bold eyebrows although it’s huge right now.

Celeb beauty inspo: Candace Swanepoel from Victoria’s Secret. Her skin is always glowy and healthy looking.

Fashion icon: Vanessa Hudgens—she’s like a bold bohemian. I wouldn’t wear her wardrobe everyday, but if I had to steal someone’s closet, it would be hers.

Something that your followers don’t know about you: When I was 13 I used to hate wearing jeans so I went through a phase where all I wore was sweatpants.

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