Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

Meet the parents
Five things you need to know before you meet mom and dad

So the time has finally come. Your man wants to introduce you to his parents. Whether you knew it was coming, or the invite came out of left field, there are a few things you should do to ensure you make a good impression.

1. Look good

Looking good sounds like a given, but when meeting his parents, it’s über-important. Your nails should be clean and filed; your shoes shined; your clothes laundered and pressed. And be modest! Keep the cleavage under cover and the outfit family-friendly.

2. Bring something

Do you know his mom loves to garden? Bring her some seedlings or a chic pair of gardening gloves and a matching spade. If his dad spends most Saturdays in his workshop, pick up a few carpentry magazines. (There must be something like that out there, right?) If you don’t know anything about them, make something to eat. Even if you’re not exactly domestic, swing by a gourmet grocer and pick up a light dessert or an exotic fruit platter.

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3. Mind your manners

Remember what your parents used to say before dropping you off at your friend’s house as a kid. Don’t be late. Say please and thank you. No feet on the couch or coffee table. Don’t interrupt when someone’s talking. Don’t talk with your mouth full. And please, tie back your hair at the dinner table.

4. Don’t talk too much

I’m not suggesting you shy away and play the meek girlfriend, but it’s easy to ramble on when you’re nervous. Think your answers through before you open your mouth. Avoid stirring up controversy (even if you’re positive you’re right!) and resist the urge to fill in conversational void with inane chatter: you don’t want to say anything you’ll regret later!

5. Follow up

Show your man and his fam that you care. If his parents live in a different town, send them a card. Nothing complicated required, just a simple note will suffice: “Lovely to meet you. I rented that film you recommended and it was great. Looking forward to seeing you again.” If his parents are local, pick up the phone within a week of meeting them. “Glad we could finally meet this past weekend. I thought of you yesterday because I read an interview with that artist you told me about. Would you like me to send you a copy?” They’ll be putty in your hands!

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