Meet Jennifer Chiu, Our New Get Ready With Collab!

Find out how Vancouver-based Jennifer Chiu went from your standard nine-to-five to becoming one of Canada's biggest YouTube stars. In partnership with COVERGIRL, Olay and Pantene

get ready with jennifer chiu

YouTuber Jennifer Chiu trying on a Kate Moss– inspired spaghetti strap dress with FLARE’s Truc Nguyen in the fashion closet. (On Chiu, left) Dress: Helder Diego. Hair and Makeup: Diana Carreiro, (Photo: Nathan Cyprys)

Desperately seeking a creative outlet as a respite from her nine-to-five office job, Jennifer Chiu found her mojo when she looked back to the time she acted as a TV extra. Remembering how at ease she was in front of the camera, she created her YouTube channel, Chiu Tips, and began sharing vids of herself doling out advice on two of her favourite hobbies: beauty and fitness. Her niche? Catering to questions her fans have but are afraid to ask, like how to get rid of stretch marks or how to make your boobs look bigger; the latter earning more than three million views. Chiu’s signature on-screen look is casual basics with a feminine twist (she’s rarely without a bright tank top and girly earrings), so using Céline’s ode to ’90s minimalism—as well as the era’s waifish icons like Kate Moss—as a guide, FLARE’s Truc Nguyen challenged her to a sophisticated upgrade of sorts: pared-down slip dresses and separates that are streamlined, put together and just a bit hot. Although there was nary an embellishment in sight, one outfit maxed out all of our expectations. Watch the final reveal now!
What question are you asked the most?How do you make money on YouTube?

Highest viewed video: How to make your boobs look bigger, with 3 million views.

Makeup look you haven’t tried yet: Strobing. Now that everyone has figured out how to do contouring properly, now there is this strobing thing happening. I have yet to master it.

Makeup look that you’re totally over: Smoky eyes. I feel like it’s been around for a long time. Smoky eyes have had its moment and I’m over it.

Makeup look that you like doing the most: Something simple and elegant that you can wear everyday. Foundation, a bit of concealer, a bit of blush and a winged liner.

Fave makeup colours: I’m really into mauve and purples, especially on the lips. I like it as a year-round colour.

Her favourite moment on set? Wearing clothes that were just on the runway two weeks ago. I’m usually not into trendy clothes. I like pieces that I can wear all the time. Most of the stuff in my closet is quite classic. Beauty is different in that you can change it up a lot and do so many more looks.

Something that your followers don’t know about you: The story behind the scar on my left eyebrow. A lot of my followers have asked about it and my response is always, ‘it’ll come in a video’…I like to think the scar had a grand story behind it, but it doesn’t. When I was a baby my parents had a metal bedframe and somehow I fell and my eyeball narrowly missed it. I had seven stitches. It’s hard to cover it so most times I don’t bother. I like it. It’s a part of me.

Celeb beauty inspiration: Kate Beckinsale. She’s so elegant and beautiful. In interviews she’s so eloquent and funny and it seems like she has a great sense of humour.

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