Meet Your Matcha: 10 Matcha Green Tea-Based Prods to Add to Your Beauty Routine

From your smoothie to your croissant, the bright green superfood is literally everywhere, and it’s now popping up in beauty. Here’s why you should give matcha beauty a go

When bright green lattes started popping up all over Instagram, some of us (*slowly raises hand*) wondered, What the hell is this new-fangled drink, and should we be drinking it? The answer was matcha, and “oh-hell-yes”. By definition, matcha is a finely ground powder made of green tea leaves, and “it’s potent in antioxidants, more so than blueberries,” according to Graydon Moffat of all-natural Canadian line Graydon Skincare. So, the fact that it’s made the jump from your kitchen to your beauty beauty products makes perfect sense.

For Moffat, who has used matcha in her diet for around 20 years, it was natural for her to use it in her line. In particular, the just-launched Matcha Mint Shampoo. “Green tea in general has a component [a B vitamin called panthenol] that promotes the growth of the hair follicle,” Moffat told us.

Matcha is also believed to help aid in digestion, is detoxifying and can give you more energy. When it’s added to skincare or haircare, it’s can help detoxify and clarify both skin and hair, and it’s often paired with a highly hydrating oil, like coconut or hemp.

Here are 10 ways to add this wonder powder to your daily routine.

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