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Match Games

Snaps to all the glam girls who are trading in their grandmother’s pearls for sleek metallic embellishments to adorn their pretty, flowing frocks.

The perfect note: Pink Peppercorn
A sweet, floral concoction spiked with spicy pink peppercorn suggests fierce independence.

Cacharel Noa Perle Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $65.

Runway: Versace

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Retro Casual

Head-to-toe sexy-secretary chic had its day. We’re loving the new retro: drop-waist dresses with sneaks, slouchy, casual fabrics and pin curls paired with ’80s bright lipstick.

The perfect note: Iris
The soft, classic floral note of iris, enriched with the warm chypre scents of oakmoss and patchouli, reflects your charming, stylish self.

Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $120.

Runway: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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We got the memo – metallic is in. Don’t stop with jewelry; shine is glitzing up pants, shoes, bags and hose.

The perfect note: Pomegranate
Ensure your scent glimmers the way you do, with a floral start and a bright pomegranate heart.

Dior Addict 2 Eau de Toilette,
50 mL, $77.

Runway: Balenciaga

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Flirty Girl

Hollywood socialites kick it with fly party dresses, platform Louboutins and a steady dose of fruity, floral elixirs guaranteed to drive male entourages wild.

The perfect note: black currant
Choose a sheer, heady fragrance with a sparkling note of black currant that really sings.

Mark Sassy Eau de Toilette,
45 mL, $20.

Runway: Gucci

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Not since Madonna brandished a leather horsewhip have we so admired mistresses of the dark. Enter shiny black fabrics, corsets and Lucite, suitably space age for today.

The perfect note: White lotus
Try a sensual top note boasting creamy white lotus with a delicate leathery base.

Agent Provocateur Maîtresse Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $100.

Runway: Dolce & Gabbana

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Urban Sport

The chic anoraks, streamlined leggings and ballet nods we witnessed aren’t only leading us to the gym – we’re rushing to store racks.

The perfect note: Osmanthus
Seek out refreshing watery notes mixed with osmanthus, a sweet Asian flower that’s got easy-to-wear flair.

Lacoste Touch of Spring Eau de Toilette,
50 mL, $72.

Runway: Marni

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’80s revival

With runway hits like neon, splatter prints and exposed zippers, ’80s trends are cool again (Kirsten Dunst sported a Proenza Schouler Hervé Léger–inspired bandage skirt well before it landed in stores).

The perfect note: Cranberry
Keep ahead of the style curve with a floral fragrance that wows from the first spritz.

Emporio Armani Remix She Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $65.

Runway: Christopher Kane

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Men’s Wear

Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie are two stars whose self-confident, minimal style – rife with pantsuits and neutral colours – seems both practical and gorgeous to you.

The perfect note: Moss
A woody base note such as moss grounds the feminine, floral characteristics of your signature juice.

Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $70.

Runway: Jil Sander

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Mod World

Bold prints, mini-shifts and poker-straight hair are bound to please arty, stylish types (think Montreal model-of-the-minute Irina Lazareanu, who embodies the look).

The perfect note: Muguet
Take a page from our Parisian amies and set off your poetic frock with muguet (French for “lily of the valley”).

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Bonjour L’Amour Eau de Toilette,
50 mL, $62.

Runway: Fendi

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Modern Romance

Nothing says spring like flowers, and Louis Vuitton models were swathed in them, from the tops of their blooming headpieces to the tips of their monogrammed satchels.

The perfect note: Violet
Be brazen with your love for all things frilly by wearing a true floral scent with sophisticated notes of crushed violet, tuberose or iris.

Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum,
50 mL, $90.

Ruway: Louis Vuitton

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