Marc Jacobs Cosmetics to Hit Sephora This Fall

Marc Jacobs cosmetics collection to arrive at Sephora this fall

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In fear they would burst with excitement makeup enthusiasts have had to temporarily forget about Marc Jacobs’ cosmetic line, since they heard the news last April. However last night at the WWD CEO Summit Jacobs gave reason to believe he’s a big tease. Revealing Marc Jacobs Cosmetics will be in Sephora retailers by this fall, he shared just enough information about the line to get everyone excited again.

Martha Stewart, another guest at the WWD CEO Summit, wasn’t afraid to express her love for Jacobs on the Twittersphere as she tweeted to her fans about the designer. Jacobs is just as excited about the beauty line. “I always wonder, ‘Is there really going to be something else [other than fashion] that we’re going to do that I’m going to sit through and enjoy?’” he said. With the answer being yes, it seems Jacobs fans can start the countdown to the release now, maybe program the date into their cell phones.

With his cosmetics and a new line of his signature fragrances appearing this fall, Jacobs lovers are going to look and smell fabulous.