A Man Just Created an App to Remove Makeup from Women's Photos

Here's a thought, dude: If I wanted you to see my bare face, I’d put away my Fenty palette and snap a freaking pic

Photo of a woman removing red lipstick with a tissue-inline

“Oh goody, there’s a new app sweeping the nation that removes our makeup for us,” SAID NO ONE EVER. The existence of this unwelcome service, called MakeApp, is thanks to a 28-year-old Brooklyn-based entrepreneur named Ashot Gabrelyanov. It uses artificial intelligence (shouldn’t this type of tech be saved for IDK, legit causes?!) to remove any and all traces of makeup from one’s photo. You get five free images to bosh, after which the app will cost you $1.

Please join me in some not-so-silent outrage.



Gabrelyanov proposes that MakeApp might be used to help identify victims of human trafficking—sure—but the far-more-likely narrative of men losing their lids over “false advertising” reminded me of a certain Fresh Prince of Bel-Air earthquake scene (in which Will Smith raps about realizing his girlfriend’s realness).

Whatever Gabrelyanov’s intentions, it’s obvious that MakeApp’s sole purpose is muchos targeted to the female demo. as a means to “expose” what lies beneath. Stripping women of their makeup in an attempt to… what? Make us feel humiliated and shamed? M’excuse while I scroll right past this one in the App Store as I’m already feeling high levels of violation, peppered with malicious intent. Case in point: what in the fresh hell have they done to our close personal friend Emma Watson?! Never mind the app’s tendency to lighten darker skin, as noted by Business Insider (whom Gabrelyanov is now threatening to sue).

The appeal of creating an app that deflates my boss-ass fierceness and gives me the skin tone of Mickey Rourke is beyond comprehension—and suggests that Gabrelyanov is either a straight-up misogynist or, at the very least, has minimal experience with actual human females.

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