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Clear your skin from the inside out with skin perfecting tips and techniques

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Spring has arrived—time to get the rosy glow back to your cheeks and clear your skin of the dead cells that have built up over the cold winter months. Don’t start spring with dry, flaky skin. Follow our spring detox skincare regimen for the glow you need to start the season with your best face forward. Zdenka Turecek




Start each day with a glass of warm water and lemon. Lemon is a natural detoxifier that cleanses the system and flushes your liver, which leads to clearer, more radiant skin. TIP Tired of lemon? Lime works just as well and actually aids in weight loss!

Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. If you’re bored with bottled water, try warm herbal teas. TIP Chamomile tea is a traditional way to calm the body and skin from inside out. Enjoy a cup before bedtime with honey.

Break a sweat. Working out every day will actually improve your skin’s circulation and promote skin detoxification through your sweat glands—thus promoting a rosy glow and new skin to surface. Try a mix of cardio 3 to 4 times a week (for a duration of 30 minutes), coupled with yoga and Pilates once a week.

Eat essential oils. The healthy oils, found in coldwater fish like Salmon and Mackerel, will nourish and clear your skin from the inside out. Aim for 3 to 4 servings a week. TIP If seafood isn’t palatable, eat raw nuts, like almonds and walnuts. Nuts are chock full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which heal the skin.

Get your Zzz. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep each night. Your skin regenerates during specific hours each night—so try going to bed before 11 o’clock and waking up at 7, as opposed to crashing at 2 a.m. You should start to see improvements in your skin in no time.



Cleanse once a day with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Over-cleansing won’t speed up the clearing process—it will only strip your skin of its natural oils. It’s enough to splash water on your face in the AM if you’re cleansing at night. TIP For a refreshing AM alternative, dip a cotton pad in rosewater or witch hazel (found at most health food stores) and swipe across your t-zone. This will tighten up pores and give you a nice glow for the day.

Exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliator. This is an important step in sloughing off dead skin cells that tend to accumulate around the nose in the wintertime. Remember not to over-do it, which will create redness and over-sensitivity.

Apply a serum immediately after cleansing. Since it works together with and enhances the results of your moisturizer, a serum should be the first product to come into contact with your skin and its application should be the First Step as part of your daily skincare regime.

Moisturize your face with a light, oil-free lotion. When your skin has absorbed the serum, it will better retain moisture and requires much less product—so just a dab will do. TIP Pick up a lighter moisturizer now that springtime is here. It’s good to alternate products and change the type of moisturizer you use when the weather warms.

Condition your lips. After all, they’re part of your skin too, so keep them moisturized with a good balm.

Wear sunscreen. Just because summertime hasn’t hit, doesn’t mean the harmful rays aren’t out there. Applying a day moisturizer with at least 15 SPF every day of the year is your safest bet.

Refresh your face throughout the day by spraying on a hydrating mist. This is especially important if you work in a traditional office environment where the air tends to get stale.

Apply a cleansing mask once a week. Pick up a mask with a clay base to purify the skin of pore-clogging toxins.



Shower with lukewarm water. Piping hot water will strip your skin of moisture. Also, a good rule is to keep showers under 10 minutes.

Brush your skin before you shower once a week. It will help bring new skin to the surface and will even help detoxify your skin by promoting better circulation.

Exfoliate with a gentle treatment once a week. It will help to rid your skin of dry flaky cells and will also help your skin to better absorb moisturizer.

Moisturize your body before you towel dry. Your skin absorbs moisture best when your pores are open and still damp. TIP Keep your moisturizer in the shower and put a little on as soon you turn the water off.

Sooth cracked heals by applying a foot cream before bed. Slip on socks over top and you’ll wake up with baby soft tootsies. TIP Pick up a peppermint-scented cream to invigorate tired feet after a long day.

Treat your hands kindly. Keep a travel-sized bottle of hand cream in your desk and in your purse. Apply it right after you wash your hands throughout the day. Not only will your hands thank you, your nails and cuticles will too!


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