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Pulled-back hair Lovely cheeks Shimmery eyes

Intense eyes Bright lips

Pulled-back hair

Office types may not get your stylish hairband, so save it for shopping with your mates. Sweep it into a topknot on days when it’s not washed.

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Lovely cheeks

Pink blush makes cheekbones pop and looks flattering on everyone—but don’t scare them with a heavy dose, doubly intensified by a bright lip colour; switch to pale pink instead.

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Shimmery eyes

Metallic eyeshadow is a smash hit this season, but a touch of champagne on the inner corners of your eyes is perfect for daytime wear.

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Intense eyes

We saw dramatic blocks of colour swept across eyelids in all sorts of shades, but rimming your eyes with a thick, dark pencil is plenty of drama for most occasions.

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Bright lips

Near-fluorescent lips look sensational in our opinion, but some may find it blinding. Try a glossy, sheer version that’s not quite so bright, paired with a dewy complexion.


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