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Pretty easy

Pretty easy

DIY beauty tips from makeup artist Min Min Ma

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Radiant Romance Retro Fever Smoky Seduction Colour happy


Sonia Rykiel
by Anthea Simms

Radiant Romance

The natural look is a must for spring – and with youth on your side, a fresh-faced glow is sure to suit

1. Lightly brush concealer on problem spots such as blemishes or under-eye circles, then use a tinted moisturizer as an all-over base to even skintone.

2. Accentuate your bone structure by applying illuminating powder or cream to the highest points of your face, such as your upper cheekbones and chin, but avoid the nose since illumination here is easily mistaken for oil.

3. Apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend with a lightly-powdered brush to set. Make sure to match the colour to your skin tone. For ivory skin tones, consider shades of pink, whereas yellow is best paired with apricots and peaches. Black skin can pull off tones from either colour family, but go for a blush with some shimmer in it to best compliment your skin. For a sun-kissed look, substitute your favourite bronzer for blush.

4. Keep the eyes nude, but apply mascara for a bit of definition.

5. Finish the look with a coat of shimmery lip gloss. Add a sheer tint of colour if you like, but nude works best to complete this fresh-faced look.

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Oscar de la Renta
by Anthea Simms

Retro Fever

Sixties flair need not be over-the-top. Think of Lily Allen as your inspiration in achieving this easy yet fun touch of glam.

1. Use a tinted moisturizer all over after concealing any problem spots. Set the skin with a dusting of sheer powder for a more matte finish.

2. Using a black liquid liner, begin filling in your lash line, slowly creating a thick line above the eye. Adjust to the thickness and shape you desire. You’ll see as you build into the line what will best compliment your eye. Just remember to ease into the shape and immediately correct any shaky lines with a damp cotton swab. Upturning the line at the corner of the eye adds a flirty appeal.

Flare tip: If you’re new to liquid liner, then do a few trial runs before the main event to better acquaint you with the applicator.

3. Once you have created your desired shape, pass over the liquid line with a dry shadow to set. Be sure to use an eyeliner brush for precision.

4. Curl lashes and apply plenty of mascara.

5. Lightly tint your lips with a matte neutral colour.

Feeling gutsy? To take this look to the next level, once lashes have been curled and one coat of mascara is set, apply individual false eyelashes to the base of the lash line to increase the overall fullness. Or, if it’s easier to manage, cut a full strip of lashes in half and apply a half to the outer edges of each eye. Finish with a second coat of mascara to hold the false lashes to the real. Complete the look with a matte red lip liner and fill the lips with a matching matte lipstick. Lily Allen, meet Dita von Teese!

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Narciso Rodriguez
by Anthea Simms

Smoky Seduction

The smoky eye is a classic way to glam up your look. Perfect for evening, smoky eyes add a touch of sophistication to your overall appeal

1. Conceal blemishes and under-eye darkness and apply a tinted moisturizer to even out skintone.

2. Using a plum, blue or grey shadow, cover your eyelids and sweep the colour directly under the bottom lash line. Either a dry or cream shadow will work, but cream will crease and dry is always best on oily skin. What’s most important is that your colour has some shimmer to it – and try to avoid black. Black shadows look harsh and don’t photograph well.

3. Line the inside rim of your eyes with a black or navy liner. Whichever colour you choose, make sure it’s at least two shades darker than your shadow. This will create depth and up the drama factor significantly. Once the eyes are lined, use a sponge to blend the lines slightly outward into your shimmering shadow.

4. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara, pulling the wand sideways to slightly wing each lash.

5. Apply a neutral lip colour to keep the attention on your eyes.

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Diane von Furstenberg
by Anthea Simms

Colour happy

Colour is everywhere this spring, and the juicier the better. From fuchsia and tangerine to shimmering metallics, add colour to your prom palette and you’re guaranteed to pop

1. Prep skin by using concealer on problem spots, followed by a tinted moisturizer all over the face.

2. Lightly dust the apples of your cheeks with blush. Choose a blush in a lighter tone of the lip colour you have planned.

3. Apply a gold or silver shimmery shadow across your lids, and then dab the same shade in the inside corners of your eyes. Go for the metallic shade that best matches your dress. For example, a cooler tone like purple or blue tends to look best with silver, but warmer tones like red and green will suit gold. Or, try them both, as seen here at Chanel:


by Anthea Simms

4. Curl your lashes if necessary and finish off with a coat of mascara.

5. Amp up your look by choosing a lipcolour in a bright shade – either in a glossy or matte finish. Fuchsia and tangerine are the colours of the season, just remember to mind the following when it comes to your skin tone:

Pale skin: Min Min suggests a softer shade of fuchsia.
Yellow-toned skin: Try tangerine shades with a cool undertone.
Dark skin: Any colour will work, but make sure it has a touch of shimmer to it.

Feeling gutsy? Paint your nails to match your lips. This fun touch will really complete the look and seriously up the trend factor.

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