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Lipstick for fall

Lipstick is back! Carlene Higgins helps you find your perfect shade

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Lipstick is back! Carlene Higgins helps you find your perfect shade

There’s something about fall that makes lipstick suddenly feel right again. Witness the chunky knit layers at Marc Jacobs, the clunky modern shoes and oversized bags at Louis Vuitton and the architectural constructs of Balenciaga. This kind of sophisticated gear is calling for a rich, full-coverage lip accent. Don’t even bring those thinly veiled lip glosses around your new cape jacket and pencil skirt this season. Deeper, darker and more refined is where it’s at.

We saw high-society lips on the Vassar girls at Tuleh. Look just as classy in your own Bordeaux. Go on, get naked.
Creamy, nearly nude pinks ruled at Michael Kors and Zac Posen.

Our Expert:
Beau Nelson, makeup artist to the Canadian fashion set,
breaks down the season’s best lipstick shades.
Which shades are best for you? Find out!

Matte pastel posh

This shade’s for you if:
You’re creative and loving the retro futurama look of Paco Rabanne this fall. Pink is the most wearable, but peach or beige work, too.

It’s so easy: Use a lip pencil with silicone additives for comfort and glide all over or apply your fave matte lipstick.

Suitable companions: Healthy eyebrows and thickening mascara. Avoid wearing colour anywhere else—you’ll appear more garish than great.

Seen at: Paco Rabanne

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Chocolate lover

This shade’s for you if:
You’ve got a medium to deep, gorgeous skin tone. Ivory gals can work it, too, in paler hues or by mixing in concealer to lighten it up.

It’s so easy: Start with a nude lipliner, then apply a creamy coffee lipstick with a lip brush. Pat off the excess with your fingers.

Suitable companions: Satin brown textures on the eyes pull the look together. It’s polished and professional for work, updated to wow.

Seen at: Cacharel

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Frosty-pink flirt

This shade’s for you if:
Like miniskirts, it’s best if you’re young (or, at least, young at heart). Ditch the faux tan, though—’80s be gone.

It’s so easy: Use a lip brush to place a wee bit on the bow of your lips to give them extra oomph.

Suitable companions: Avoid highlighting products since your lips are already shimmering. Black liquid eyeliner and matte skin ground this pop sensation.

Seen at: Matthew Williamson

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Comfortably nude

This shade’s for you if:
There’s one for every skin tone now. Find yours in a cool, warm or balanced neutral.

It’s so easy: Apply a sheer layer of concealer over your lips before tapping on colour from the tube; it’s a trick that highlights the edges of your lip, with a plumping effect sans the sting of lip plumpers.

Suitable companions: A smoky eyeshadow works, but lighten up to taupe for the office.

Seen at: Michael Kors

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Bordeaux babe

This shade’s for you if:
You’ve got a full, juicy pout or a deep skin tone (anyone can wear a sheer formula, though).

It’s so easy: Define your lips with a lipliner, then fill them in completely. Next, apply the lipstick, then tap the colour with your fingers to soften the edges.

Suitable companion: Wear your hair down for a modern take or in a chignon for evening.

Seen at: Thakoon

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