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All About Eyes: How To Banish Dark Circles And Reduce Wrinkles

Expert advice on eye woes


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Q: How can I reduce wrinkles around my eyes?
A: Moisturizing can diminish the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration, says Dr. David Zloty, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of British Columbia. Look for one that includes a humectant (such as glycerin)
to attract moisture, combined with a barrier-like silicone (such as dimethicone) to prevent water loss. To tackle wrinkles in aging skin, Dr. Zloty recommends prescription retinoids, which encourage collagen production. (Over-the-counter versions, with less potent doses, work to a lesser degree.) “I have my patients apply them right up to their lower eyelid margin [but not the upper eyelids] with very few problems,” says Dr. Zloty. “For some people they can be too irritating, but this is a small minority.” Can an early Botox regimen prevent wrinkles from ever developing? Dr. Zloty says the jury’s still out. “My opinion is that it can slow the progression of crow’s feet,” he says. “But the appropriate age [to start] depends on skin type, genetic history, sun exposure and career choice. Most people seek treatment only once the lines become evident.”

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Q: Why is the area under my eyes so dark?
A: If lack of sleep isn’t the cause of your dark circles, then you could consider hereditary factors such as thin skin and excess brown pigmentation, which can contribute to under-eye shadows, says Dr. Mark Lupin, a dermatologist based in Victoria, B.C. The area can also darken with age. “As we lose fat in the upper cheek area, the hollowing gives a shadowed appearance,” he says. Aging slows blood circulation too. “In some people, veins become more prominent over time and [are noticeable] as a blue hue in the lower eye- lids.” To banish the darkness in a hurry, a new generation of skin care products combines antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C with light-diffusing pigments and camouflaging tints.

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