M.A.C Gets Catty

A fall makeup collection inspired by fabulous felines

As leopard print claims its rightful title of classic print and major fall trend (seen on many runways including Balmain and Dries Van Noten), the beauty world is also joining in on the feline frenzy. M.A.C Cosmetics took a cue from the cat craze for its fall makeup collection, dubbed Fabulous Felines. A cat-centric line was a “no-brainer,” according to the makeup company’s creative director James Gager, who thinks that the feminine and feline mystique have long been connected with shared traits such as playfulness and seductiveness. Like the furry creatures, the collection boasts shades ranging from silver to sable to deep brown-black. Colour for eyes, lips and cheeks are divided into three shade-based breeds: Burmese, Ocicat and Russian Blue. For the truest take on a cat-eye, we love the emerald-hued Treat Me Nice Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, $21. What’s your cattitude?