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Q: My boyfriend and I are invited to a dinner that my ex will be at. What do I do?

If it’s important to you to be there, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go. Just greet your ex, introduce him to your squeeze, and sit at the other end of the table. If it’s over, it’s over! If your ex can’t handle the situation, it’s up to him to stay or leave. There’s no sense missing a perfectly good dinner party!

Q: I just went on a really bad date. The guy was a pig and had no manners. He didn’t hold the door, he took the good seat at the table, he chewed with his mouth open, he was rude to the waiter, and he kept asking me about my sex life. Then he tried inviting himself to my place at the end of the night. Ew. I definitely won’t ever see or call him again. But is there any way I can get back at him for that bad night? (I lost three hours of my life!)

Ah, tales of revenge! Of course, to be PC, in a most motherly tone, “That’s not very nice.” You’d probably be best served to forget all about it. But then again, he wasn’t very nice either. So how about you invite him somewhere and be a no-show? That way he’ll have some idea of what it feels like to be made uncomfortable.


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