Put your best face forward
Four rules to navigate Facebook with style and smarts

Facebook, the social networking website, seems to have everyone online during their lunch breaks these days. It’s a hotbed for potential romantic drama, since people are easy to find and once you find them, they’re an open book. Here’s how to surf smart:

1. Use it to meet and mingle
Goodbye Lavalife, hello Facebook! Anyone who’s too shy to date online is likely to feel a little safer when they’re dealing with a not-so-strange stranger – someone who knows a friend or a friend of a friend. When you’re online, go with the flow. Accept invitations from friends’ friends and see where it takes you.
“I’m meeting lots of great people and there’s no pressure because it’s not labeled as a dating site.”
— Sarah A.

2. Don’t stalk his profile
Whether he’s your ex, your current beau, or your longtime crush, keep your visits to a minimum. You don’t need to know what he’s up to every minute of the day – and you certainly don’t need to obsess about all the girls who have written on his wall, either.
 “I used to visit my ex’s page, but it would drive me crazy. I now avoid it at all costs.”
— Darla T.

3. Delete his friends – and him – as soon as you break up
A break-up used to mean you split the shared goods and deleted his number from your cell. In Facebook days, you’ve got 50 plus mutual “friends” who have the potential of posting things like, “Hey, when are you two coming over again?” or “I love this pic. You’re the cutest couple!” Change your relationship status and drop them from your list.
“I got a post from my ex’s brother and it was really awkward. I had to email him to say we’d broken up.”
— Sam K.

4. Be sensitive – and be honest
Before you post a pic of you chumming it up with your guy friends or coworkers (especially those your man hasn’t yet met), think twice. Do you love seeing him with his arms around a strange girl? No. And while there’s no need to go into details about your man, do make sure to be honest about your status – not mentioning you’re in a relationship is unfair to the single guys out there – and could send your guy the wrong signal.
“Be honest about your status. If you’re in a relationship, do NOT say you’re single!”
— Michelle B.