Loveline - Romantic resolutions

Romantic resolutions
Four ideas to live by when it comes to succeeding in love and relationships

1. Get what you want
In every relationship, make sure you know what you want. Write yourself a list if you have to, but don’t be satisfied until you get it. In an existing relationship, that may mean laying it all on the table – and he can’t provide what you need, it might be time to say sayonara. If you’re single, that means getting your butt out there, but not settling down with just one man until you find the right one.

2. Do unto others
A relationship is made up of two people. (Surprise! There is someone else involved.) Make sure you’re treating him well – and that you extend the same courtesy to those he cares about. Be considerate, be kind, and be a loving partner. Because you would expect the same, correct?

3. Grow together
Make the most of your relationship and encourage each other to do/learn/give more. Push him to ask for the raise at work. Cook a new dish once a week together. Learn how to say, “I love you” in eight different languages. Have him kick your butt at the gym. Life isn’t stagnant. Why would you want your relationship be?

4. Have fun
Don’t take love too seriously. There are ups, there are downs. It’s all about the journey. Learn from every experience and savour every moment. Hooked up? How wonderful! Solo? Lucky you! Resolve to enjoy it all this year.