LoveLine - Infatuated but unsure?

Infatuated but unsure?
10 deal breakers and 10 things to get over when it comes to that guy

Deal breakers
• Rudeness (Keep an eye on how he treats a waiter)
• A short temper (If his fuse ignites, take cover)
• An overprotective sister/mother (Minimal situations will eventually escalate)
• Selfishness (Does he ever choose your side?)
• Arrogance (He’s not all that)
• Bad breath or B.O. (Some things fragrance can’t mask)
• A lack of motivation (Couch potatoes are not attractive)
• Constant contact (Beware of obsessiveness)
• Professing love too soon (Is it for real or does he think it’s what you want to hear?)
• Excessive alcohol or substance use (Don’t even go there)

Get over it
• His lack of punctuality (Buy him a clock)
• His awkward style (Take him shopping)
• His cowlick (A little hair mud goes a long way)
• His accent (See it as endearing and sexy)
• His hyena laugh (It adds to his character)
• A dirty house (Hire him a maid)
• Being sensitive (He makes the perfect romantic movie date)
• An annoying friend (Get to know his whole crew)
• A clunker car (Take cabs or pick HIM up)
• An ex who won’t let go (He’s with you, not her)