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How to pick up at a wedding.

How to pick up at a wedding
Forget the bouquet – here’s how to catch a phone number at your next round of nuptials
By Denise Wild
It’s wedding season and that means single radars are in full effect. Since you’re dressed up anyway, why not use your next wedding to stake out potential dates. Here’s how to land a guy by the end of the reception

Do your research
Scope the potential dates before the ceremony, as guests are milling about. If you’re at an outdoor wedding, take advantage of the opportunity to wear sunglasses and do your peering incognito. Have married friends help you out, too. The more eyes you have seeking the prize, the better.

Set your target
Hone in on one hottie by the end of the ceremony. (Don’t forget to check the ring finger on his left hand.) Once you’ve identified your target, ask around to make sure he’s single.

Make eye contact with your man at some point before heading to the reception. Even if it’s just a simple smile outside the church, make sure he knows you exist.

Say hello
Greet him when you run into him at the reception. Something like, “Beautiful couple, don’t you agree?” or “This has to be the nicest wedding of the summer.” Avoid saying “open bar” and don’t let you words imply you need a man.

Hit the dance floor
Make more eye contact during the dinner reception and wait for him to ask you for a dance. (He should easily take the bait that you’ve been tossing all day.) Accept his offer, of course. And chat it up more throughout the night.