Planning a future together?
Whether it’s trying to have a baby, getting married, or moving in, you’ve had “The Talk” and you’re both excited. Here’s what to do next
Keep up the good work
You must be doing something right, because you’re in a relationship that’s working. So keep it up! Continue being the best partner you can be – and don’t forget to keep being the best individual you can be.  You want him to do the same, right?

Tell everyone
Those in your circle already know (and hopefully love) your guy. Now it’s time to let them in on the big news. Tell your coworkers, casual acquaintances, the woman who works at your corner store. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid. People are bound to be happy for you!

Don’t drop off the planet
You know who they are: they’re your best friends when they’re flying solo and they’re MIA when involved. Don’t become one of them — no one likes it, no one needs it. Of course with new plans to make, your time is a little tighter, but do make a point of keeping up phone calls and girl nights.

Take it slow
There’s no sense rushing tomorrow. It will come. Enjoy every moment of your relationship (including the way he squints when he’s thinking and the paper/rock/scissors game he insists you play for after-dinner-cleanup duty).