Looks We Love: Gossip Girl Hair

Serena’s ever-changing styles give us plenty of inspiration

Photo courtesty of The CW

Photo courtesty of The CW

Photo courtesty of The CW

The long-awaited fourth season of Gossip Girl has only just begun, but we’re already feeling major hair envy over Serena van der Woodsen’s latest coifs. Actress Blake Lively’s trademark beachy blonde waves win us over on the regular, but this season in particular we’re intrigued by the wide variety of styles her character’s been sporting.

Perhaps it was the Parisian setting that led to Serena’s indecision about whether to wear her hair up or down in episode two. Whatever the reason, her half-woven-chignon, half-low-ponytail look had us scratching our heads at first, but it eventually grew on us in a big way. The refreshing departure from convention had us reaching for our combs mid-episode.

In episode four, the Upper East Siders headed out to a charity gala, all dolled up in their finest attire. Serena chose to complement her killer burgundy frock with a new take on summer’s go-to side braid. With most of her hair freely flowing, a quarter of it was tied into a loose, face-framing braid, starting mid-way down the length.

At the token high-society party in episode six, Serena paired her all-black pantsuit with a fishtail-like braid, secured high on the back of her head. The style easily upped the chic factor of a regular braid by wrapping a small section of hair around it to create a more interesting texture.

Now that you’re inspired, which Gossip Girl hairstyle will you be trying?  –Lindsay MacAdam