Look We Love: The Braided Ponytail

Beat the heat this weekend with a quick summer hair solution

Photo by Keystone Press

This sticky, humid weather calls for a hot hairstyle and right now we’re loving the braided ponytail. This modern twist on the classic pony is a quick and tidy solution for keeping hair off-the-shoulders. Try it at-home with these simple steps:

The key to achieving this look is a smooth finish. Apply a cream-based gel throughout your hair (using a cream-base will give a soft finish to the clean look), and gather the lightly gelled hair at the center of your crown, pulling it in tightly with a fine-toothed comb. Fasten the hair into a ponytail using an elastic, then tease the ponytail slightly. Wrap the teased hair into a braid—as tight or loose as you like. To finish, smooth over any loose hairs with a light coat of the same cream-based gel.