London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

A Canadian in London

Monday, September 17th

Today was fantastic! First at Luella, where the designer was welcomed back to her hometown of London (she’s opening a new store here), after showing several seasons in New York. The difference in vibe backstage at the Claridges Hotel (yes, the one that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were rumoured to have shacked up in recently) was palpable compared to New York. All the models seemed so happy! They were really rockin’ out to the music backstage. Maybe it was the candy floss-coloured hairpieces they wore, or the plastic rosette barrettes in their hair, but it all seemed so fun—thanks in part to Redken’s international stylist Guido Palau. Even Lily Allen got into the swing of things front row, where she beamed a smile for cameras while wearing one of Luella’s spring floral print frocks—made obvious by the paper tag sticking out the back (visible from where I was sitting behind her). Oops!

The scene backstage at Christopher Kane wasn’t nearly as hairy as I expected it to be, considering the up-and-coming designer recently had part of his spring collection swiped from his showroom, which isn’t to say there wasn’t any foul play going on. I was chatting with a fellow beauty editor from a major international publication, when she told me that her photographer was being impersonated at various shows! In fact, he nearly didn’t get into this show because the impostor had already checked in. When the editor stumbled upon the paparazzo, he blatantly lied to her face, telling her the regular shooter was sick! It’s amazing what lengths people will go to in order to catch a glimpse of this rising star’s next show. For my sneak peek backstage, I saw silver-studded denim boots with mentions of 80’s movies like Carrie

Sunday, September 16th

Started fashion week at fellow Canadian Todd Lynn’s show, where I got my first peak at London fashion. On-and-off the runway, the girls look like boys and the boys look like girls, both in their tight, skinny jeans and men’s lace-up shoes. Wrap an oversized scarf around your neck, sunnies, and a flop of hair over one eye, and there you have it. Everything in between is more daring and vibrant than either Toronto or New York. And, the wait time before the show at Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square seemed more like a party than anything, even when famed editor Anna Wintour blazed through the room to her seat, dressed rather more conservatively than the lot.