Living together

How to live with a guy
Deciding to be together is one thing. But cohabitating? Now that takes a serious commitment. And a few rules…

• Respect his space

Living together doesn’t always mean what’s his is yours. Don’t hog the closet space and bathroom countertop, and don’t crowd his every moment. Show respect for his personal space and give him lots of alone time. He’ll grant you with the same.

• Don’t snoop
When you hunt for bad things, you’ll find them. But you might not know the whole story. An old picture of a girl? It may have been his neighbour growing up. A dinner receipt for the city’s hottest restaurant? Perhaps a business lunch. Don’t bother nosing through his things. It’s easy to misinterpret what you find.

• Don’t pick on him
Your guy may have a lot of little annoying habits. And he may have a lot of BIG annoying habits. But pick your battles. Moving in doesn’t mark the deadline for changing your man. If there are things he does that bother you, let him know. If there are things you can live with, keep them to yourself.

• Keep living your lives as individuals
Don’t be one of those girls who forgets to call and spend time with her friends. And, more importantly, don’t forget about you in the relationship. Schedule regular you-time and don’t let go of your hobbies or your dreams.