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LIVING in Style
Welcome to Living in Style, our new online page featuring stylish boudoirs and the owners that call them home. Each month, we hope to capture the very essence of what makes a home great. Living in style can range from a rustic abode to a posh city condo, but it’s not the zip code that matters—it’s what’s inside the home that counts. If you have or know a home you feel is style worthy, email us.

HOME PROFILE | Russell Sinclair

Sinclair Russell is not your average home owner. By day, he’s an event planner. By night, he’s an avid art collector and designer. Living stylishly is a must for Sinclair, which is why he kicks off our first-ever online home profile with his 5 home musts and a one on one interview.

Describe your home in one word. Drama

What should every home have? Great lighting

How does your personality come through in your home?
I think my décor features my sense of humour and my sense of theatre.

What are some things readers can do to have their personality shine through in their homes?
Don’t be afraid to show photos and objects that mean a lot to you. All of my art, while it might be museum quality, has been done by friends of mine. It adds a touch that can’t be found in Pottery Barn.

Where is your favourite place to shop for home décor?
Home Sense, Ikea and believe it or not, garage sales. I find interesting fabrics in all sorts of places to customize my pillows, duvets, and sofa covers.

What does your home signify to you?
A place of comfort to me and a place of welcome to others.

Like fashion, homes should look “of the season”. What is a tip for keeping your home looking stylish year-round?
Start with a basic neutral colour scheme—dark or light—then add seasonal colours. Off white is a perfect base for walls and sofa’s. Then you can add accessories, like navy-and-white-striped pillows to give it a nautical look in the summer and red pillows around winter. This can be done with cushions, window treatments, towels, etc.

What is the first thing people should do if they want to redecorate or renovate?
Hire a pro—even just for a consultation. I often go into a home and just spend a couple of hours giving a good critique. It helps to aim people in the right direction and is worth it in the long run.

What is your home style pet peeve?
White walls and “cottage cheese” (Acoustic Stucco Spray) ceilings

Tell us about your favourite room in your home.
My bedroom, as it is where I and most people spend most hours of the day. I like bedrooms to be womblike.

Which home inspires you?
Coco Chanel

5 Home Musts
1. Colour your walls—a little paint goes a long way
2. Decorate your walls with meaningful art. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it will automatically draw guests in.
3. Fresh flowers change a room—treat yourself (and your home) to a bouquet once a week. It’s the best way to stretch $10.
4. Invest in beautiful lighting—even Ikea has great lighting options for low budgets
5. Window treatments (avoid blinds at all costs)

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