I Tried It: The Kim K–Endorsed Collagen Lip Mask

Could this all-natural gel sticker be the secret to the Kween's perfect pout?

Wherever Kim Kardashian leads, her 90 billion Snapchat and Instagram minions follow. So when she snapped herself twice in KNC Beauty’s All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask, a floppy, clear-pink gel sticker that covers the lower part of the face, the world was like, “Sign me up for a lifetime supply!”

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

Kim K on Snapchat

But let’s be real for a second. Kim K endorses a lot of stuff (hair gummies, anyone?) So do these all-natural masks—which promise to condition, moisturize, plump and hydrate with collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E—even work? Me and my small lips decided to find out.

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

My lips, au naturel

Materials: KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask, $25US for pack of five or $40US for pack of 10 (plus $20 for international shipping),; sugar lip scrub; lippie, if desired

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

A weekend beauty treat

Process: The mask comes with a set of instructions (plus the best hashtag, #lipmaskandchill), so it’s impossible to screw up. Simply exfoliate with a sugar scrub (I used Fresh Sugar Lip Polish), washcloth or toothbrush if you have a flaky pout, then slap on the gooey pink decal. Now stop to selfie with a hair-crown filter because you’re part of the Kim K club.

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

Looking like I’m being silenced by a starfish (I miiight have stuck this thing on upside down)

The mask doesn’t exactly suction on, so you may want to lie down and #netflixandchill for 20 minutes. Take the opportunity to catch up on the life and times of North West while the comforting sounds of Friends play in the background.

And you’re done!

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

Post–lip mask

Findings: Don’t shoot the messenger, but Kim K’s lips are not the product of collagen lip mask treatments—even if she’s wearing ‘em erry damn day. I barely noticed the advertised tingly sensation (which is supposedly “the collagen kicking in,” though most derms agree the volume-building protein can’t be absorbed topically) and my lips didn’t look or feel any plumper than usual after I peeled off the mask. They did, however, feel nourished and conditioned, which is the perfect setup for what, in my old-fashioned opinion, is still the best cure for teeny lips: A bit of gloss (or, in my case, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Addiction) and a duck face.

KNC Beauty Lip Mask

Lips like Kim, non?

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