How I Created My Very Own Lipstick With Bite Beauty

An innovative new lipstick machine makes custom colour in just seven minutes

Trays of BIte Beauty Lipstick

At a recent lipstick lab event at Sephora Yorkdale in Toronto, the creator of Bite Beauty, Susanne Langmuir, debuted a system for creating custom colour on the spot in only seven minutes. Though the equipment currently awaits its patent, we were able to witness the creation of our very own lipstick bullets with the new technology. Langmuir and her team narrowed over 200 shade options to 25, then mixed up trays of pigment that looked like platters of candy. We then picked our favourite shade (I went with a deep fuchsia) and a technician added mint scent (other options were blueberry and cherry) to the formula before a machine mixed the pigment and fragrant oil together.

Bite Beauty Technician Pouring Lipstick into mould

Another technician then poured my lipstick into a mould (typically it requires six people to make a single tube of lipstick!) and placed the mould on top of a “freezer” that cured my lipstick over several minutes.

Bite Beauty Lipstick in moulds on freezer

Once the bullet was solid, the technician carefully inserted the end into a lipstick tube and pried open the mould. Typically, the darker the pigment, the harder it is to remove the lipstick because deep hues absorb the oils in the formula, causing it to stick to the mould. Though I chose a dark pink, the technician removed two perfect, ice-cold lipsticks for me to take home.

Bite Beauty Technician Making Lipstick Bullet

Until the custom lipstick machine is (hopefully!) available to the public, satisfy your craving for highly pigmented matte lipstick with Bite Beauty’s limited edition Pastille Collection for spring, $28 each, or try the new Cinnamon Lip Plumping Oil, $25 at, which contains cinnamon bark and pink pepper to stimulate circulation and flush lips with a rosy red hue.

BITE Beauty Lipsticks and Lip Plumping Oil

From left: Bite Beauty Matte Pastille Lipstick in Pastille Lavender, Pastille Rosebud, Pastille Lilac and Pastille Violet. Bite Beauty Cinnamon Lip Plumping Oil.