Lessons in Good Scents

Tips & Tricks for perfume wearability

Lessons in Good Scents

Don’t overdo it. No one should be able to smell you at more than an arm’s length away. “A spritz on one side and one on the other will do,” says Bloom.

Do wear it on your pulse points: behind your ears or knees, on your wrists and ankles and the inside of your elbows. Apply scent to all your pulse points or, if you want to keep it subtle, select only one or two spots to fragrance.

Do let your scent be the star. Avoid mixing it up with other scents and only apply it on clean, dry skin, just before you dress.

Don’t spray perfume on your clothes. This major fragrance faux pas will create a unique bouquet of every scent your clothing’s absorbed—dry-cleaning chemicals, last week’s perfume, perspiration. The result? Hardly heaven-scent.

Do layer your fragrance for a soirée. Use scented bath oil or gel, followed by body cream, then finish off with a spritz. Voilà! Intense, long-lasting fragrance that’ll take you through the evening.

Don’t combine different perfumed bath oils, powders, body creams and fragrance. Commit to one scent and own it.

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Do light a delish aromatic candle while taking a bath and add a drop of bath oil. Bloom promises the soothing smell will make you feel relaxed and sexy.

In the morning, use the bath and shower gel or body cream only, instead of the fragrance itself. “You don’t need to smell sexy at work or the grocery store,” says Bloom. Reapply with a small spritz every four hours and your scent will be in full effect for night.

And to Summer-ize…

While you’re filling your closet with this summer’s must-haves, give your fragrance wardrobe a makeover, too. Lightening up is easy.

Shop for a fragrance in a luxuriously light formula. FLARE’s pick: Estée Lauder Pleasures Summer Bouquet, 100 mL, $63. It’s light enough to wear all over. If you can’t bear to break up with your signature scent, take it down a notch by using the eau de toilette or body spray, as each is less concentrated than perfume.

Addicted to oriental perfumes? Make the summer switch to a floriental, a floral fragrance blended with traditional oriental notes that’s more refreshing—and apropos—for warm weather. FLARE’s pick: Valentino ‘V’, 50 mL, $80.

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