Le Labo City Fragrances in Toronto for 1 Month Only

7 fresh scents, from Dallas to Tokyo, hit Toronto for the month of November

Le Labo Fragrances in Toronto for One Month Only

Photo Courtesy of Le Labo

Each of the seven city scents created by Le Labo Fragrances are normally only available in a single destination: Tubereuse 40 in New York, Gaiac 10 in Tokyo, Vanille 44 in Paris, and so on. However, from November 1 to 30, 6 by GEE Beauty in Toronto will have the entire collection available for purchase.

These exclusive scents, like receiving a postcard from a far-off destination, bring with them a taste of the city of their name. Chicago’s Baie Rose 26 is said to refer to jazz music with its burst of pink pepper and undercurrent of aldehyde and musk; Tokyo’s Gaiac 10 is “subtle, profound and stable,” with hints of cedar and incense; Los Angeles’ Musc 25 is luminous with a dark core of vetiver and ambergris. In particular, we look forward to trying the scents from the world’s fashion capitals: New York, London and Paris.

Le Labo’s City Exclusive collection includes: New York’s Tubereuse 40, Los Angeles’ Musc 25, Paris’ Vanille 44, Tokyo’s Gaiac 10, London’s Poivre 23, Dallas’ Aldehyde 44 and Chicago’s Baie Rose 26, starting at $294 (50mL),