Lauren Conrad On Her Beauty Musts for Fall

LC dishes on her new beauty book, the joys of red nail polish and dressing her dog for Halloween.

Lauren Conrad Beauty
Lauren Conrad Beauty

Photo by Angela and Ithyle

Lauren Conrad Beauty

Photo by Angela and Ithyle

5 Minutes With Lauren Conrad

Photo by Keystone Press

Lauren Conrad: She’s that likeable California girl that moved beyond MTV’s The Hills fame to create two clothing lines, write a few beachy reads (The Fame Game, the L.A. Candy series) and a style guide, and develop her own website for tips on everything from primping to decorating. Now, she’s created a book stuffed with beauty know-how called Lauren Conrad Beauty ($24, HarperCollins), and she took time out between book signings to chat with us about her new book, the joys of red nail polish and dressing her dog for Halloween.

Your book is full of beauty tips, but which part of your beauty routine would you say is most important?
“I think the most important thing, or one of the most important things when it comes to beauty, is what you start with. I mean, I love doing hair and makeup — it’s so much fun. But I also think it’s really important to take care of yourself. Just making sure you’re healthy, you’re not over-processing your hair, you’re washing your face every night. The little things help out a lot.”

When you were creating the book, did you have a section that you enjoyed working on the most?
“I really enjoyed doing the decades. [The last chapter is called “Beauty Through The Decades” and features Conrad in hair, makeup and clothes ranging from the 1920s to the ’70s.] That was a really fun day. Except for the ’30s. They took my eyebrows away with wax. I mean, they covered them. [Women] used to shave their eyebrows off and then draw them up higher and thinner, so we had to fake the look. You look crazy! I also enjoyed the nails section. We used models too, but some of the pictures are my hands doing the manicures.”

In the book you mention that you give yourself a manicure every other night. Do you have any nail shades that you love right now?
“I’m really into reds right now. I know that seems a little simple, but I love a classic red nail. I have, like, twenty different shades of red. I think I’m traveling right now with five different reds. I think it’s very classic and pretty. I like a deeper red, but I also like kind of a retro orange red.”

Is there a makeup trend that you’re really into for fall?
“I feel like when fall comes around, you can start wearing bolder lips. I think with summer, things lighten up. You wear a little less makeup. But now that fall is coming around, I think you can add a little bit of drama.”

Do you have a favourite lip colour right now?
“I had one today. Let me see… now I’m not going to be able to find it. It’s Tarte… in a bright pink. They do these giant lip pencils and they’re really good. They have a minty scent to them. And it’s matte. I really like matte lips. I think they’re a little bit less maintenance and, to me, they’re younger than a satin. I found it! It’s called Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain in Lively.”

Do you have any other fave new products?
“I’m pretty loyal to my products. I have a soy leave-in conditioner spray that I’ve been using for years now. It’s by Big Sexy Hair.”

Are there any haircuts or colours that you wish you had the guts to try?
“I went shoulder-length a few years back and it looked awful on me, and I don’t think I would want to go any shorter than that. I think longer hair suits me.”

What about hair colour? In your book you say you’re happiest when you’re within a shade or two of your natural colour?
“I always try to keep my roots pretty close to my natural colour. We warm them up a little bit when I get my colour done. My base has a little bit of copper penny in it, so it’s a little hint of red. Other than that, I like keeping it pretty close to my natural colour because you don’t have to stress about getting your hair done as often. And I think it looks best if you’re not straying too far.”

Do you have any plans for Halloween?
“Yeah, one of my good friends has a [house] party every year, so I’ll be going to that probably.”

Do you have a costume that you’re thinking of?
“I do! I’ve been working on it this week actually. Because of when the book tour fell this year, I won’t have time [to make it]. I’ve just been putting together different items. I’ll have to make one piece, though, but it won’t take too long. I never tell anyone who I’m going to be. I keep it a secret ’til Halloween.” [Last year, Conrad dressed as Britney Spears in “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” and later as Minnie Mouse.]

Do you ever dress up your dog?
“I totally do. It only stays on her for a moment before she tears it off. She has a little witch costume and last year we had her be Little Red Riding Hood. She doesn’t like it very much. If anything, you just take a fun picture.”