Here's How to Get BLACKPINK's Perfect K-Beauty Gradient Lip

Who knew achieving Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé’s perfect ombré lips could be this easy?

Nezariel Scott

My first lipstick obsession came courtesy of Kylie. When I discovered her go-to was M.A.C’s Whirl, I saved up $20 of my sales associate paycheque from Justice Tween Brands and made it mine real quick. But plot twist: the product did not work for me. Like, at all. My lips felt like Krusty the Clown and the colour looked ashy on my skin tone. I vowed to never to fall prey to a lipstick trend again.

Fast forward to my newfound obsession with K-Pop girl groups and cut to me desperate to try my fave group BLACKPINK‘s perfectly applied gradient lips. When K-beauty brand Laneige’s Two Tone Lipstick collection dropped on my desk, I couldn’t wait to test it. While these tubes are the prettiest ever, it’s the fact that each stick contains two colours—so you achieve a foolproof gradient lip every time—that has me amped.

Check out the results (and some BLACKPINK-inspired selfie poses) below.

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