Ladies Night

Ladies’ Night
Take a break from Sex and the City reruns and host a book chat

It’s Friday night and it’s your turn to host the next night in for you and your girlfriends. Instead of gathering the troops for the usual wine and random chitchat – something you all have been doing forever – why not try something new? Pick up a copy of the latest chick-lit hit (or have everyone bring an old favourite) and catch up over some book chat. It will add an interesting twist to a regular Friday night and be a unique way to spend some quality time all together. 

Here are a few tips on how to make your girls night in extra special:

Plan ahead
Send an email out to your best buddies and let them know about your idea well in advance. That way if you decide to read the same book, everyone will have time to finish it. If you decide to each bring different books, you’ll have time to decide on a genre.

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Perfect your timing
Is everyone too busy for a Friday or Saturday night in? No problem! Pick an afternoon instead. Incorporate some brunch into the mix and you’ve got yourselves a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Get comfy
Ask your friends to leave the skinny jeans at home and come dressed in comfy gear. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed everyone will feel. Light some candles for a calming glow and if you don’t have enough room for everyone to sit, arrange pillows on the ground so everyone has a cozy spot to settle into.

Get the party started
Develop a list of questions that relate to the selection or genre to get the conversation going. Write five to 10 questions on theme, characters, and plot or the genre as a whole. This will make for a fun way for your friends to interact and mingle.

Keep the party going
Make sure you have plenty of food and drink on hand! After all, what’s a night in without snacks and perhaps a bottle or two of good vino. You don’t have to cover all the costs yourself. Ask your friends to contribute. Everyone will be glad to lend a hand.

Start a new tradition
If you haven’t started your own official book club yet, this may be the ideal time to solicit interest. Ask your guests if they are interested in meeting monthly to chat about books. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to carve out a set night every month to catch up and hang out.

Don’t leave without swapping books!
If you’ve all brought different books, gather them in a pile at the end of the evening and let your friends pick one each to take home.