10 Makeup Rules I Learned While Binging K-Dramas

My K-drama obsession is finally been put to good use

You don’t need to be a beauty junkie to know that makeup and skincare play a huge part in the Korean culture. Given that Koreans take their beauty regimen very seriously, it’s no surprise to see it also written into K-drama storylines.

Sure, there are the occasional (and very obvious) product placements to keep advertisers happy. But, there are also many times when these beauty moments are worked seamlessly into the script and result in either an education in good skincare practice or me reaching for my credit card. Honestly, who hasn’t watched a show and didn’t end up buying every single beauty product the actor used, says no die-hard K-drama fan ever.

Behold, here are 10 scene-stealing K-beauty moments—and unexpected tips I’ve learned from watching K-dramas.


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