KFC Nail Polish?! Plus 8 Other Flavours We'd Be Totes Into

KFC is releasing two nail polishes—one nude, and one bright orange—that taste like the chicken chain's original recipe and their hot and spicy flavour. We imagine a few other edible lacquers we'd like to lick!

kfc nail polish

(Photo: KFC/Adweek)

KFC is taking their slogan “finger-licking good” to the next level by releasing nail polishes that taste like two of their signature flavours: original, and hot and spicy. Using edible ingredients so that the polish can be applied, dried and then tried, it’s the fried chicken chain’s way of promoting their brand in Hong Kong. This is obvi the next out-there Asian beauty trend, so we’re already brainstorming other nail polish flavours, including:

McDonald’s Fries: Other fast food chains should def get in on the action—all of the yum and none of the calories!

Pizza: For when even ordering delivery feels like too much work; now all you’ll have to do is lift a finger (literally).

Cheesecake: This one is for Drake; so that he can get his fix on those days when his girl can’t quite handle the Cheesecake Factory.

Lemonade: To be mailed to the house of Becky with the Good Hair, complete with a “Try me!” label à la Alice in Wonderland.

Kim K’s Tears: From a signature KUWTK ugly cry, this would be the collabo.

The Weeknd’s Hair: His look has been compared to pineapples, artichokes and broccoli…but what does it taste like?

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress: Because we’re still not over it, TBH.

Zayn Malik


Zayn’s Post-Show Sweat: Let’s be real…you know you would. (But we’d have to get Gigi’s permission first!)

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