WTF is Going On With Kendall's Tan Lines? We Have Five Theories

Trust a Kardashian bikini pic to spark a big ol’ debate on Instagram re: body shaming, Photoshopping and tan lines. We weigh in on the latter

Tara MacInnis

From plastic surgery to politics, Instagram always ends up being a forum for debates about the Kardashians and their related clans. Today, we (and the rest of the internet) are focusing on this pic, posted on May 28 by Kourtney Kardashian:

kamp kourtndall

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Just a cute summer pic with fun props, right? As per usual, it is so much more. Thanks to the beauty of open comments, you can scroll through alllllllll the questions people have about Kendall’s body in this photo. Because, also as per usual, people seem to feel they have the right to weigh in on stuff that has nothing to do with them.

One commenter says her legs are too long, which they say must be some kind of Photoshop fail. Another says she’s deffo got butt implants. But the main focus of the online comments is the powder-white tan line situation happening around Kendall’s bikini bottoms.

While we’re quite sure Kendall is chilling in the comfort of her Calabasas mansion, likely unbothered by the haters, we couldn’t help but be a bit curious about those tan lines—and we have thoughts. Here are our five theories about all the possible situations that could have caused the unusual lightness around Kendall’s nether region.

Disposable undies + tanning beds

Despite the thousands of comments, we’re surprised no one brought up what was super obvious to us: Kendall’s possible use of a tanning bed, which is mega bad for you. Upon inspection, it looks to us like the tan-less patch could have been caused by the disposable underwear provided at tanning salons. If you have to do it, Kendall, just go for it next time and be naked.

Spray tan + waxing too soon

We love a good spray tan, particularly as an alternative to those dreaded, cancer-causing tanning beds. But one of the finite rules of spray tanning is no waxing for 24 hours after you get bronzed. Looks like maybe someone should have reminded Kendall of this before she doubled up on her salon appointments and ran to get a Brazilian.

Passé bikini + backyard tanning

If that lack of melanin was in fact caused by an actual bathing suit, the positioning of said bathing suit is questionable. No one, especially not the IG elite, is wearing bottoms anywhere south of their hip bones. Even nearly 40-year-old Kourt over there is wearing her string bikini at a solid 45-degree angle. But maybe, just maybe, in the comfort and “privacy” of her own home, Kendall grabbed an old bikini and left it in that throwback, low-rider spot to lay out in the sun.

Highlighter + sister inspo

Yesterday, Kim paid a controversial visit to the resident White House troll, and she chose a Vetements suit for the occasion with the brand’s logo right over her crotch. Was Kendall giving us a preview of her sister’s outfit with her very own V right across her… v? Maybe she even used the new KKW Beauty Highlighter Palette to accentuate her statement.

Humans + Instagram

People suck, and have obviously blown this whole thing out of proportion. Let’s write this one off as one of those “stars, they’re just like us” moments, K?


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