Keira's New Crop

The Chanel spokesmodel shows off a new do in Paris

For weeks now Keira Knightley has been teasing us with glimpses of a new hairstyle and this morning in Paris at the Chanel Spring/Summer ’11 runway show, her chop made its official debut.

Knightley had paps tightening their zoom lenses during a recent commercial shoot for the French brand in an attempt to capture her new blunt bob, but this morning she happily posed her head-to-toe 20s appeal with a dropped waist frock perfectly topped off by the flapper do.

John Frieda Canadian Creative Consultant Alain Larivée recently told me that he has seen a resurgence of these sharp angled bobs, often referred to as power cuts. Why? “Look at history,” he said, “the 20s, 50s, 80s—when women take their place in society, they cut their hair bluntly.”

Well Miss Knightley, looks like you have found your place.

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