Julianne Moore Dishes On Her Diet, Beauty Faves & New Film

Shunning Botox and living the good life with her younger guy, Julianne Moore reveals what keeps her forever fresh-faced

Photo by Kenneth Willardt for L'Oréal Paris

Photo by Kenneth Willardt for L’Oréal Paris

At 52, Julianne Moore has just landed her second consecutive beauty contract. Evidently, we would do anything to learn the trick to her porcelain, ageless skin. (Psst, she’s been wearing SPF daily since age 23.) From the front row at the L’Oréal spokeperson reveal in Paris, a handful of pesky lip lines betray her. As she watches the glam press video along with us—knowing all eyes are on her—I witness what seems a studied correction; she runs her tongue along the underside of her upper lip, leaving her mouth slightly ajar to relax the muscle—the old-fashioned way.

It’s no secret Moore detests cosmetic surgery, but aging gracefully requires sacrifice. “Bread is one thing that has to go,” she tells me during our one-on-one earlier that day. “When I was in my 20s, I ate pizza every day.” Now, she cuts a Tom Ford silhouette eating pasta and meat only occasionally, favouring fish, vegetables, salads and kale. While shooting the remake of Carrie (slated for theatres this fall) in Toronto, she ordered sushi daily.

The role of Margaret White, Carrie’s deranged mother, proved a grueling workout. She did her own stunts, often strapped in a harness. Otherwise, the actress runs and practises Ashtanga yoga three times a week. She also burns calories keeping up with two kids (both “freckleface strawberries,” the title of her children’s book series) and her husband, Bart Freundlich, a handsome film director nine years her junior. It’s taken awhile for Moore to locate a style ethos that marries mother and movie star, but she now feels utterly herself in dark, pattern-free clothing that won’t compete with freckles; long, layer-less hair to keep natural curls weighed down; cargo shorts for the park; and her favourite No. 6 shearling clog boots, which she bought as a wrap present for the entire Carrie crew.

Having learned to swim at age 26 and drive at 27, Moore’s slow-living approach could be what’s behind her perma-glow. “We’re always thinking about the future. Even when you’re a kid, you want to be older. But as you age you realize, Why am I in such a hurry? The only thing in the end is death.”


A few of Julianne’s favourite things:

1. Makeup Trust: L’Oréal Voluminous 24H Black Smoke Mascara, $12. “I’ve been using it on movies for years because it goes on smoothly, doesn’t clump up and can bear scrutiny under the lens.”

2. Standby Scent: Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray, $52.

3. Good Read: Zadie Smith’s NW.

4. In-Purse Lust: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, $50.

5. Skin Care Must: L’Oréal Ideal Moisture Day Lotion SPF 25 for Sensitive Skin, $13.

6. Walkabouts: No. 6 boots, $370,